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 At Beyoutiful Menopause our aim is to empower you and provide resources to lighten the load

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Mindfulness In Menopause
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Importance of Gut Health
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 Our Resources Page provides more in-depth information on HRT, Supplements & General Health

Mind Fullness

Mindfulness in menopause is a valuable resource when trying to calm your thoughts and recentre.  Menopause can be overwhelming.  In Mind Full menopause, we explore coping strategies such as:

Details of upcoming coaching sessions and workshops will be posted on our Resources Page

Official Menopause Cafe

Strathaven's official Menopause Cafe is hosted by Beyoutiful Menopause, and this free resource is designed to:

Details of upcoming events and how to get tickets will be posted on our Resources Page

Importance of Gut Health

We are all familiar with the phrase "you are what you eat" but understanding the impact of certain foods on our gut microbiome can help you make better choices that will in turn impact on your mental clarity and well being.  The Gut/Brain connection is very real.

Details of upcoming coaching sessions and workshops will be posted on our Resources Page

Movement & Wellbeing 

Movement in menopause can improve not only your physical appearance, it also has a positive impact on your well-being.   The small-steps approach is more sustainable and much easier to incorporate into your day-to-day lifestyle.

Movement in menopause sessions hosted by local coaches and groups will be posted in our resources section

 We will be inviting local coaches, instructors and groups to participate in our sessions to help improve physical movement and provide an understanding of nutritional needs as well as joint health, help with hormonal skin and hair issues as well as alternative therapies